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Sympathy Flowers These sympathy flowers are appropriate to send to a business or home.
For deliveries to a church or funeral home send funeral flowers.
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The Essence of Pink


Make time travel with The Essence of Pink floral basket for a graceful air of femininity has arrived at their doorstep on mere surprise. All pink blossoms brim with classic style that exude nothing short of sheer grace with a comtemporary twist. Glide into the room with mind-blending elegance and utter refinement for the best things in life are free.

White Shimmering Elegance


Shower them with an expression of deep love and sympathy during a new transition in their life. Life is all about new beginnings for every moment counts. All white blossoms glimmer with shine and charm for tranquility and peace are the themes of the occasion.

Roses of My Heart Remember..


Remember the good times wth that special someone with a gift of two dozen red roses that symbolize the unconditional love that shall live forever and beyond. Send that grieving someone a gift of Roses of My Heart Remeberance and your generosity will never be forgotten.

Rosey Peaches Fireside Bas..


There is nothing more profound than a genuine display of warm compassion for that special someone with a shimmery Rosey Peaches Fireside Basket in the perfect springitme color of summery peach that ignite the senses. Two dozen juicy peach roses et the sense inf a frenzy! Be that shoulder to lean on in difficult times for true friendships last for a lifetime.

Spring Ruffles Basket


An exquisite arrangement, filled to the brim with pink, red, white and cream roses and vibrant specs of bright yellow lilies sprinkled throughout. This assortment of blissfully beautiful blooms is a perfect way to extend your deepest sympathy and support.

Healing Gardens of Love


Illustrate your sympathy and support during these trying times in a way that grieving loved one will never forget. This beautiful assortment of velvety, delicate roses and flowers will bring comfort and love from the deepest place of genuine affection.

Blooms of Spring


Tranquil, pure, and freshly exquisite, this sparkling bouquet radiates becoming beauty, refined grace, and magical splendor.

Pastel Gardens


Give a tranquil way to drift away, with an escape to their own personal island of gently perfumed blooms. Calming cream roses, lilies and an assortment of fresh flowers are sweet retreat to beat the rigors of the everyday!

A Bright New Day


Marvel at the refreshing beauty of bright red roses, creamy white carnations, and vivid greenery! Artfully arranged, this rich assortment truly flatters as much as it entices!

My Girl Basket


Alive with bright green wonder, this rich and vibrant collection exudes fresh air and warm vitality to your surroundings. Arranged by a professional florist and topped with a charming bow, this truly shows the depth of your eternal support. Send today!

Wonderland of Memories


With wondrous majesty and eye-catching splendor reaching towards the heavens, this vibrant and flattering assortment of pink flowers and towering greenery truly speaks volumes. Express your inner most deepest affections on this delicate occasion and your embracing charms will sooth their grieving soul.

Chasing Beauty


An overflowing cluster of charming daises and timeless yellow A vivid vision of the warmest wishes, brought to life as fragrant, fresh bouquet! Fanciful flushes of pink and gentle lavender colored flowers are paired with subtle roses.

Sunlight of Sympathy


An overflowing cluster of charming daises and timeless yellow flowers are a perfect pairing, creating that sense of uplifting joy in a time of grief. Send them a message of unconditional love and deep affections for this time of healing is sure to pass.

Blooming Basket


The Blooming Basket is a beautiful arrangement of yellow, pink, red and white gerber daisies bursting with color and life from a charming white basket. This array of vibrant flowers is a heart-felt way to send your sympathy and well wishes to a friend or loved one.

Mum Planter Basket


The Mum Planter Basket, brimming with blooming plants and flowers, is a beautiful and stylish way to show your sympathy during a friend or loved one's difficult time.

Sunny and Delightful


Mixed flowers of yellow and purple spring to life from this bouquet, making it nearly impossible to be sad or blue when they are nearby. Send your sympathy and cheer up a friend or loved one with this beautiful bouquet.

Basket of Stars


A vibrant and elegantassortment of pink and white stargazers, lilies, tulips and roses, this blissful bouquet will brighten the day of a friend or loved one in need of love and support.

Spring Dreams Arrangement


Brimming with a rainbow of roses, this charming white basket is a vibrant addition to any room. Spoil someone you love with bright and beautiful blooms of pink, purple, blue and yellow. This arrangement is a wonderful token of your support sympathy as a friend or loved one struggles through a difficult time.

Captivating Bouquet


A warm brown basket filled to the brim with pink, purple and blue roses and lilies is a heart-warming token of support and sympathy for a cherished friend or loved one. This bounty of blooms will warm the heart and bring sparkle to their day.

Bright Smiles Basket


A vibrant and charming assortment of colorful flowers, this blooming basket exudes radiant grace and stunning elegance. Sure to fill any room with a gentle glow, these blooms make a truly breathtaking gesture of your warmest sympathy and support.

White Wicker Gardens


Brimming with bright pink and snowy white flowers, and adorned with dashes of purple, this winning wicker basket is laden with lilies, roses and the best blooms. Inspire overflowing emotions when you give this extravagant yet understated gift.

Lavender Basket


Celebrate and honor a special life and memory with this vibrant, beautiful basket, brimming with vivid, colorful flowers. Brighten these dark days with this arrangement, a truly caring and thoughtful gesture of your deepest support, sympathy and fond remembrance.

Pink Rose Basket


Add a fragrant touch of eye-misting loveliness with this elegant spray, deeply rich with heartfelt sympathy and enduring support. (Other color options are available in the shopping cart)

Pocket Full of Daisies


Charming and delightful, this assortment of white daisies overflows from a stylishly rustic basket! Sure to brighten even the darkest of times, these blissful blooms exude nature's "joie de vivre," making them a truly loving token of your deepest sympathy and support.

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